The economy of JoJotown is based on bananas. In fact, that is their only production. The bananas arrive from the "stalk and base" of the banana (see Lands), picked by Kolo. The JoJotowners trade their surplus of bananas with all of the lands, Alpacatown the most. The mayor of JoJotown is JoJo and the secretary is Dagles.

JoJo: Mayor

Dagles: Secretary

The climate in JoJotown is always sunny, but not too hot. The dwellers of JoJotown (which include monkeys and everyone who doesn't belong in other lands) have never experienced rain in their life!

The JoJotowners believe in Paul the nun as the creator of their world. They also have a tower called Box Tower, where criminals are sent to be locked up. The criminals are forced to listen to JoJoLand's Worst Hits.